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Millennium Institute

21st Century Studies

We inspired and encouraged national and regional "21st century studies" modeled on the Global 2000 Report to the President. We sponsored two international meetings on these studies. The first conference was in Mexico; the second conference 1989 in Washington (with the World Future Society). In 1991, UNESCO published Studies for the 21st Century, a book of papers on 21st Century Studies.

Millennium Moment Initiative

The turn of the millennium was a change of eras. It was an opportunity to look back, take stock, and move ahead with clarity of purpose and direction. The board and staff of Millennium Institute devoted much effort to trying to stimulate a global movement to make constructive use of the millennium opportunity.

White House Millennium Web Site

With leadership from Dr. Hillel Schwartz, we developed the international portion of the White House Millennium Web Site.

Microcomputer Software for Governments

We believed that microcomputers held great potential for improving and facilitating governance, and in 1991 we published Managing a Nation: The Microcomputer Software Catalog, which provided access to hundreds of microcomputer programs and models useful in governance.

Threshold 21 National Sustainable Development Computer Simulation Model

We believed that it was possible and necessary to design an integrated, dynamic computer simulation models for national sustainable development planning. The result was the Threshold 21 (T21) model, which has been applied in more than twenty countries.

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