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Global 2000 Revisited

There were significant political and bureaucratic constraints on what could be said in The Global 2000 Report. The report Global 2000 Revisited allowed me to say some of what I thought should have been said in the original Global 2000 Report. Jane Blewett and Kristen R. Barney contributed significantly to the design, tone, and message of Global 2000 Revisited.

Global 2000 Revisited was written for an audience of spiritual leaders because I felt that we humans needed the leadership of our spiritual leaders collectively to address the issues raised by Global 2000. The first edition of G2000 Revisited was prepared for the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago. The later editions (under the title of Threshold 2000) were prepared following the 1993 Parliament and for the 1999 Parliament of the World's Religions in Cape Town and required certain deletions, especially in the front matter.  

Global 2000 Revisited and Threshold 2000 use many graphs, most covering the period 1600 to 2200. These graphs were used in part to illustrate the slow, long-term nature of the issues and their intergenerational moral and ethical implantations. The graphs all include a shaded bar representing the lifetime of a child, and these bars helped to focus attention on the intergenerational ethical issues.

Revised 5 June 2009

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